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For keeping quality as our top priority, we produced our Belgian chocolate with diligent care in our own dedicated factory that is equipped with state of the art technology*.

It is worth mentioning that we establish a collection of fresh, delicious and mouth watering chocolates, offering our products in various shapes, homemade fillings and flavors especially designed to suit different tastes, occasions and events.

Moreover, we do our best to meticulously select our raw materials, as well as to implement the appropriate tools to control our chocolate quality from the beginning of the production to the end product. 

Our chocolate is made of:

•    100% guaranteed quality Belgian chocolate, 
•   &nnbsp;100% cocoa butter, 
•    100% natural (no artificial colors or preservatives) 
•    100% home-made fillings. 

And for the purpose of forming a unique marketplace & preserving a unique image, we allow our customers to select the filling they wish, by offering: 

•    Our chocolate products in a wide range of categories and inspired gourmet (From dark chocolate to milk and white chocolate as well as sugar free chocolate),

•    Handmade customized arrangements and elegantly packaged,

•    Flexibility in catering our clients' orders that has given us a competitive advantage over our competitors. 

Commitment to Quality:

Through adopting a distinct customer oriented approach, we continue meeting our customers' demands by directing all our efforts for designing our offers based on their needs and aspirations that are directly gained from them through: 

•    Our Store that was opened since 2002 under the commercial brand (La Roche), to provide one of the world's finest chocolate, and to bring you a rich collection of any related chocolate services as mentioned in the services section.

*Check Our Factory Section.